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Implement a communication system

Content creation, distribution and versatility are the foundations of a winning communication strategy. The 360 System was built to help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Here is how.

Showcasing Expertise

The only difficult part in communication is to create the initial content. When faced with a blank sheet of paper, financial industry experts are often faced with writer’ block: either they get caught up with the intricacies of their job or they lack specific writing skills. To overcome this obstacle the 360System makes available questionnaires that allows you to share with us the raw content needed to draft an article. They take 20 minutes to fill-in; this then enables our professional author to finish the job in under an hour while helping companies to move from a self-centred communication to content that engages your audience.

“Go beyond local audience and reach your prospects worldwide in a professional e-conference format.”

Distribution Accelerator

Distribution tool such as websites, social media accounts, newsletter and even digital magazines and proprietary magazine can be set up most of the time for free. However, our clients often do not find the time to share their content. Building on 20 years of experience, we offer partnership including monthly content creation and distribution in all media - with emphasis on governance and KPIs - for as low as 1.5k. For instance, we send out newsletters to find out who reads what, which articles hit the mark and which format failed to find its audience. Furthermore, the gathered insight is a great way to understand your client behaviour allowing you to plan your marketing campaigns.

Video Transition

Our system allows you to re-use articles as press releases, blogs, LinkedIn posts and compiled in book in a snap of a finger, while technologies such as the 360Box ( allows you to produce professional videos for as low as 10€ per recording - or even for free - and to easily transform your article into a video. Following the current shift from physical conference towards digital conference the 360Box provides any computer with an ultra-professional tool to replace a poorly performing webcam. This technology gives your audience the best streaming experience via Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, we has leveraged our network of talents and our video expertise to offer you the best e-conference experience: create your personalised 3D studio and record your conference in our green screen studio for as low as 3k (see example here). Our expertise will allow you to go beyond local audience and reach your prospects worldwide in a professional format.


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