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Why is 360Crossmedia so great to work with?

Our clients say that they love working with us because we deliver simplicity, inspire their employees and empower them.


Which companies work with 360Crossmedia?

We work with companies of all sizes, from one-man shows to global leaders like BNP Paribas or HSBC.


Do you work with specific sectors?

Being headquartered in Luxembourg, we work a lot with the financial sector, but we also get involved with many other sectors: restaurants, IT, tourism, automotive, pharma,...

Where are your clients based?

Most of our clients are based in Europe, but we sometimes serve clients located elsewhere, via Skype or by sending a consultant on site. (Recently: New-York, Hong Kong, Doha)


Why are you delivering faster?

Our patented system allows us to produce things at light speed. Content and templates are preformatted. Talents are trained. Simple.


Why are your prices below the market prices?

We spend less time producing things and rely on high volumes to compensate the fair margins that we apply. 


How different is it to work with 360Crossmedia compared to traditional agencies?

We act as partners, not providers. Many agencies try to outsmart their clients, we don't. Once you have decided your level of involvement and what you want to do, things get done in total transparency, real fast. No bullshit. No useless complications.

Can I change my mind?

Our price quotation specify exactly what is included in an offer. You can change your mind at any time, but additional hours will be billed.

When do I have to pay?

We pay our providers real fast. This is the secret to our highly efficient model. We therefore request a payment upon ordering a product.


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