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Created by a Golf Professional in 2000, 360Crossmedia has always invested a lot in establishing a strong DNA

We are challengers

360Crossmedia was created by French people in Luxembourg. We immediately challenged the rules of the Luxembourg market and of the communication industry. 20 years later, we still do.


- We do not try to lock our clients in long term contracts

- Our offers are sent within 24 hours in a short format, with transparent prices

- We invest 20% or our turnover in innovation in order to allow our clients to save time and money

We are entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a mindset. And it makes all the difference in the team and with our clients.


- A strong emphasis on problem-solving skills

- A capacity to work very hard when the context requires it

- A strong ownership of responsabilities and performance 

We are competitors

Business for us is a playground. We love to compete and we love to win, but not at any cost.

Winning rule

- Always focus on sustainable deals

- Refuse deals where 360's added value is non existant

- Favor partnerships rather than a traditional 'client-provider' relationship

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