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We say what we bill, we bill what we say.

Send us your briefing to and get a quotation within 24 hours maximum.

All prices excluding taxes
Prices can evolve. They are validated for each client when an order form has been signed.

1. KPIs (Key Pricing Indicators)

- Assistance, project management: 0,1k/hour

- Design, Video filming, Photographer, Artistic director: 0,2k/h

- Consulting: 0,3k/hour



- Website: from 3k (Example: ,,...)

- Workshop: from 2.4k (

- Magazines: from 0k (financed by ads) 



Our patented system allows you to produce for free:

- a 20 page magazine (Financed by 5 ads) (Example: capitalV)

- a brochure (Financed by 1 ad) (Example: Restaurant La Rameaudière)

- a book (Financed by 3 ads) (Book Farad)

- A website (Financed by 1 ad) (Gallery)

- A video (Financed by 1 ad) (Gallery)
- A 360Box (Financed by 1 partnership with a company getting its logo on the opening sequence and free video recordings)


4. Corporate publishing

All propositions include 1 set of changes.


- Logo: 2 propositions:  0,6K 

- Brochure 4 pages (Ready package): 2 propositions: 1,2k 

- Brochure 4 pages (Not ready package): 2 propositions: 2k 

- Press release: from 9,9k

- SEO: from 9,9k 


- Website: 5 pages: Ready package: 2k 

- Website: 5 pages: Not ready package: 4.5k 


- Article (450 words): 0.6k

- Technical article (450 words): 0.8k

- Photoshoot*: 1 hour photographer + editing of 12 edited pictures: 0,8k 

- Photoshoot*: 1 full day in your offices: 3,6k

- Photoshoot Event coverage: 3 hours + delivery of 75 pictures: 1,8k

*Art director included


- Linkedin Portraits: 1 hour + editing of 6 edited pictures: 0,4k (Including traveling fees and editing)
- VIP Portrait. 1 hour + editing of 6 edited pictures: 0,6k (Including traveling fees and editing
Portrait of each employee: up to 80 portrait/per day/per photographer : 3,2k (Including traveling fees and editing)

Corporate Magazines

- 20 pages magazine, 500 copies: Ready package: 4.5k (3 ads)

- 20 pages magazine, 500 copies: Not ready package: 7.5k (5 ads)

- e-magazine: 2k (Examples:,



- 1h Interview in our studio - Watch an example (Odgers Berndtson) - Price: from 1.5k

1h Interview in our studio with a remote speaker Watch an example (Letzblock- 2.5k€

- Interview in your offices - Watch an example (L3A) - Price: from 2.5k

- Event coverage - Watch an example (ABBL) - Price: from 2.5k

- Interview booth during your event - Watch an example (Amundi)Price: from 3.5k

- Open Sequence/Jingle - Watch an example (LPEA) - Price: from 1k

- Corporate Video - Watch an example (Jems) - Price: from 7,5k

- Animation Video - Watch an example (Carne) - Price: from 4,5k

Option#1: Scripting assistance: from 0.6k

Option#2: Public speaking coaching: 1k


Videos studio rental, including the 360Box​ - from 35€/day

Included: the production of your custom 360Box in our concept store, the rental of the 360box with 3 lights, 2 cameras, 1 Sennheiser, microphone, training, assistance.


All recording include 2 cameras, a prompter and a professional microphone

- Livestream event in your offices : from 4,5k

- E-Conference "All Inclusive" - from 6,5k

- E-Conference "360Experience" - from 15k

- Livrestream event in a Conference room - from 5,5k

- Virtual studios : from 1,5k

e-conferences options

- Opening sequence: 0.5k/h

- Opening sequence + 2 transitions: 1k (Additional transition: 0.25k)

- Virtual studios

   +Virtual studio: 1.5k Example here

   +360 Virtual studio (including 2 perspectives): 3k Example here

- Powerpoint operator: 0.2k/h

- Editing: 0.2k/h

- Chromakey/light rental: 0.15k (sent to the speaker's home or office)

- Chromakey/light shipping (no need to send them back!): 0.25k (sent to the speaker's home or office)

- Promotion: (0,2k/h): 2h linkedin (before+after) + 2h Eventbrite = 0,8k

- Event coverage: 1.5k (Watch an example)

- Registration management: 0.1k/hour

- Speaker's training: 0.2k/training
- Streaming from our studio: 1k

- Q&A from our studio: 1k

e-conferences STUDIO package including the video interview(s) in our studio, opening sequences+ transitions, editing, Linkedin post

2 speakers: 3k 

3 speakers: 3.6k

Additional speaker: 0.6k

Note: if you prefer to record an interview or a panel in your company, add 0.9k

360-Box for live streaming and live editing of your event including 2 or 3 cameras and 3 operators (video, sound, stream)

Package 1/2 day: 4.5k

Package 1 day: 8k

Additional operator (Camera operator, Website operator, PPT coordinator etc.): 0,2k/hour


- 2 page article in Andy à Luxembourg or Duke: 3.96k
- 4 page article in Andy à Luxembourg or Duke: 6k

- Full page ad in Andy à Luxembourg or Duke: 3.96k

- Post-it on the cover of Duke : 6k

- Article in (text and picture delivered by you): 1k

- Book Decision Makers : 2.88k

- Push in our newsletter (120k emails): 1k

- Push on Jerome's Linkedin account (29,5k connexions): 1k

Check Andy and Duke's mediakit here


- 500 Business cards: 0,15k 

- Roll-up (print): from 0,14k 

- For all other formats, we offer great pricing all over the worlds within 24 hours. (Send us the format, number of pages and copies)

8. Management consulting

Check our topics in the "Management Consulting" section.

- 3 hour consulting lab by a 360 expert: 3k (Live or on zoom)

- 1 day consulting lab by a 360 expert 5,7k (Live or on zoom)

- Online modules (pre-recorded): Up to 100 users: 250€/month. Above 100 users: 3€/person/month 

Discount for a 5 lab package: 5%

Discount for a 5 lab package: 10%

E-learning platform: it allows you to train your staff, your clients, include videos/PPT/Q&A and even sell your content 

- 1 shot: 100€/month (Your lesson will be on the 360DigitalHeroes platform)

- 1 year (unlimited courses/No transaction fee): 250€/month   

- White labeled: 500€/month



- Design (Integration or modification): 0,1k/h

- Design (creation): 0,2k/h

- Assistance: 0,1k/h

- Project management: 0,1k/h

- Translator: 0,1k/h

- Videographer: 0,2k/h

- Photographer: 0,2k/h

- Artistic Director: 0,2k/h
- Photo editing
: 0,2k/h d

- Journalist: 0,2k/h

- Consulting: 0,3k/h
- Make up artist: 0,15k/h

- Non technicle article based on a questionnaire: 0,375k (Standard format, 450 words)

- Technical article / interview: 0,6k (Standard format, 450 words)



- Traveling fees may apply for missions abroad

- Emergency projects are billed with a 25% surplus


How do we bill?


1. A la carte

- pick your product

- add options if you want

- product price + options price + project management = final price. 


2. Packaged offers

We have put together several packages featuring our most popular features to make life easier for you and our providers.


What can go wrong?

Nothing really. 1 order form. A great delivery. We want you back!
Any additional request during the mission has to be validated with an order form. Thank you for your understanding.


Most common mistakes that can delay a project:

- A bad briefing: tell us everything from the start!

- Failing to deliver all the required elements in the right format at the beginning of the mission. (Especially for "Ready" packages)

- Changing your mind between the briefing and the delivery. This often creates delays and additional costs.


How can you avoid that?

- Take time to provide a great briefing

- Get things done right first time

- Keep in mind that once the project is completed, you can still improve it! But first, you need to get the first part DONE :-)

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