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Andy - Duke

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Empowering Decision Makers

with high impact messages & distribution


People often ask how Andy and Duke became leading business magazines in Luxembourg. Here are the 3 reasons:

1. 360Crossmedia is an active part of the financial industry

For the last 20 years, we buy exhibition booth and visit conferences like ALFI, Fund Forum, SuperReturn, ICT Spring, eurofinance, Mipim, IFA, etc... We also work closely with associations like LPEA (Private Equity), ATEL (Treasurers), ALCO (Compliance), AlRim (Risk), APSI (ICT), LAFO (Family Office), IRE, APCAL & ACA (Insurance), Luxreal (Real Estate), The Barreau (Lawyers), LAFO, L3A (Alternative funds), several chambers of commerce and many of their members.

2. Database
We have patiently  built a database of more than 120.000 qualified contacts since 2000, focusing on Luxembourg (105.000 business contacts) and financial professional abroad. (15.000). 1.000+ of these companies are clients of 360Crossmedia.

Our CEO has more than 29.000 connexions on Linkedin. (

3. Transparency

From day 1, we have showed our invoices to our clients: printer, post and DHL distribution. They know that their money is well invested and get all the content rightsfree in order to maximize their R.O.I across all channels.

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Andy 33 - In french - Distributed to french-speaking CEOs, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, professional associations, BIG4 partners and decision makers in Luxembourg - 2 times a year in June & December

Print: 10.000 copies (5k sent by post to people's home and 5k sent by DHL to 198 points of distribution: companies, hotels, restaurants, Ministries, etc)

Digital: 86.428 unique visitors - 22.560 downloads


Duke 19 - In english - Distributed to english-speaking CEOs, Lawyers, decision makers in Luxembourg + embassies and consulates of Luxembourg all over the world - 2 times a year March & October

Print: 5.000 copies - Digital: 126.969 unique visitors - 39.250 downloads

(3k sent by post to people's home and 2k sent by DHL to 110 points of distribution: companies, hotels, restaurants, Embassies, etc)

"100% of what we print reaches our readers".

(We do not sell our magazines in shops)


Andy - Duke 

2022 Editorial Calendar


Andy 32 - Duke 18

(June 2022 - March 2022)



  • Cover Story: The future of finance

  • Special feature: Family office

  • Historic: Ministry of Culture




  • Politics: Pierre Gramegna (Finance), Claude Turmes (Spatial planning)

  • Regulation: SFDR, Claude Marx


  • ESG Square: Focus on ESG

     Niccolo Polli (HSBC), Julie Becker  (Luxembourg Stock exchange), Denise Voss (Luxflag), Nasir Zubairi (Lhoft), ...


  • Travel: Asia


  • Fintech: LHoFT


  • IT: Xavier Buck


  • Lifestyle: 3 star restaurants


  • Events: ATEL Winter Conference

  • Success Story: Tsume

  • Funds: Steve David (Northern Trust)

  • Insurance: François Tesch


Andy 33 - Duke 19

(December 2022 - October 2022)



  • Cover Story: Decision makers

  • TOP 150 decision makers

  • Special feature: Insurance

  • Private Equity

  • Private banking


  • Historic: Fortress  


  • Associations: LPEA, ABBL, ALCO, ALRiM, L3A, LAFO, APCAL, ATEL 


  • Real Estate: Royal Hamilius place, RE funds, Cloche d'Or, INOWAI (Vincent Bechet)


  • Politics: Claude Turmes

  • Regulation:  CSSF (Marco Zwick)


  • Business: Private Equity, Risk management, Funds, Family office

  • Funds: Reg Tech, Blockchain

  • Fintech: Most innovative companies

  • Insurance: Life insurance, Connected cars and car sharing, Insure Tech

  • IT: Datacenters, Hacking, GDPR 

  • Lifestyle: Outdoors, 3 star restaurant



Andy - Duke 

Crossmedia distribution

30 000



Decision Makers

400 000

Digital readers


Andy - Duke

Advertising Policy

Our customers are not allowed to advertise and publish an article in the same issue. However, a company can have an ad in a magazine and an article in another.

Example of an advertising page for HUBLOT



Technical elements:



Cover: 300g

Inside pages: 150g




Deadline to submit content: 20 days prior to printing


Send by email (max 20 MB):

For document larger than 20 MB you can use: wetransfer, Dropbox, a FTP address or send files on a USB


Accepted files:

Indesign - Photoshop - Illustrator - Acrobat


PDF, TIFF and EPS: High resolution - 300 dpi, print quality CMJN



Page format:

200 x 280mm + 5mm bleed



Saves images:

TIFF / EPS Mac 8 bits in CMNJ



Texts submitted: 

2 300 characters (450 words) with 3 titled paragraphs



Ads specifications:



Andy - Duke

360Crossmedia's Style

  1. Stunning features on luxurious choice of paper and layout.

  2. Short texts of high quality (2300 characters or 450 words) to give our busy readers an enjoyable reading experience.

  3. Beautiful illustrations and photos

We specialize in « story branding ».


To us, a good article is more effective than an ad.


We provide talented photographers and journalists who deliver your message in a powerful way, therefore accelerating your return on investment.


All contents are delivered rights free. You can use our pictures and texts on your website, brochure, press releases…


Andy - Duke 

Communication Proposals

 “Business feature” package


It includes:


  • 1 interview (text delivered rightsfree. You can reuse it as press release, on internet, social networks, etc…)

  • 1 photo session (12 photos delivered rightsfree. You can reuse them as press release, on internet, social networks, etc…)

  • 1 translation

  • 2 pages in Duke and 2 pages in Andy

  • 25 copies of Duke and 25 copies of Andy

  • Price: 3.960€ + 3.960€-30% = 6.732€



Andy - Duke 


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Language: French

Pages: 110 minimum
10.000 printed copies

Digital: 82.154 visitors - 21.400 downloads


a) Decision makers : Our database targets 5.000 decision makers: CEOs, CFOs, HR,

Association (Alco, Barreau du Luxembourg, LPEA, ALRiM, ILA, CSSF,...)

The 5.000 copies are sent by "Post Luxembourg"


b) Intra-muros: A list of 198 distribution points:

Lounge Luxair, Cercle Munster, House 17,

Golf Clubs, Eurotoques restaurants (Clairefontaine, Ma langue sourit....), La Bourse, Chambre de Commerce, BIG 4, Law firms, etc

The 5.000 copies are sent by "DHL Luxembourg"


c) Events: 360Crossmedia takes care of delivering the remaining 500 copies on key

events and conferences in Luxembourg.


The new website increased the number of downloads by 30% 

Click to visit :

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Language: English

Pages: 64 minimum

5.000 printed copies

Digital: 124.876 visitors - 39.250 downloads


a) English speaking decision makers in Luxembourg and abroad: 3.000 decision

makers: CEOs, CFOs, HR, Association (Alco, Barreau du Luxembourg, LPEA,


3000 copies delivered by "Post Luxembourg"


b) International promotion: A list of 110 distribution points where we can actively

promote Luxembourg (Luxembourg embassies and consulates, top hotels, conferences, ...)

2000 copies delivered by “DHL Luxembourg”

c) Events: 360Crossmedia takes care of delivering the remaining 500 copies on key

events and conferences in Luxembourg and abroad.


Our presence during events like the Fund Forum, the Funds Europe awards, Eurofinance or Gaim

Europe allows us to reach business leaders directly.

Click to visit:


Andy - Duke

Conferences Events

An exclusive cocktail party is organized twice a year. All participants receive 10 invitations to distribute among their business partners, prospects.


Andy - Duke

Price List
Send your order here or call (+352) 356877


Andy / Duke 

Deadline 20 days before publication



Andy: June 30th & December 20th

Duke: March 30th & October 30th



All prices excluding VAT:


  • Full page ad 3.960€

  • 1st panoramic page (page 2-3) 6.600€

  • 2nd and 3rd panoramic pages (page 4-5) 6.000€

  • 3rd Cover 5.000€

  • Back page 6.600€

  • Other panoramic pages 5.000€

  • Package 2 page article 3.960€

  • Package 4 page article 6.000€

  • Andy/Duke: 2 publications 6.732€ (-30% on the second)
    Andy/Duke: 4 publications 12.840
    € (3.000€ discount)

  • Post-in on the cover: 6.000€

  • Selected article placing within the magazine +10%

  • Video interview: 1.500€

Duke cover.jpeg


Andy - Duke 



  1. The general conditions below are the only ones applicable to all contracts where BGS Crossmedia Sarl is acting as the vendor, unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing by BGS Crossmedia Sarl. Therefore by agreeing to enter into a contract with BGS Crossmedia Sarl, the client is expressly agreeing to comply with these conditions and undertakes not to use its own or any other conditions, whether general or particular, printed or otherwise, unless they have been agreed in writing by BGS Crossmedia Sarl.




  1. Prices are always stated excluding VAT, unless stated otherwise.

  2. The prices and terms in quotes are not binding on the vendor. Any order is only binding on the vendor after the latter has confirmed it in writing. Sending the invoice may replace the vendor’s written acceptance.

  3. Any quote shall only be valid for one month, unless specified otherwise by the vendor.




  1. Upon placing an order, the purchaser shall make a payment on account of 50%. A small payment merely constitutes a temporary tolerance and in no way changes the duty to make a payment on account of 50%.

  2. Our invoices are payable within eight days. Any invoice not settled on the agreed due date shall automatically incur delay interest at a rate three points above the statutory rate, from the due date until payment in full. Any delay in payment shall result in the cancellation of any agreed reductions.

General Conditions of Sale

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