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No Talent Wasted: Quick, simple and effective training

The staff members of a company often find themselves faced with trainers who are excellent in their field, but sometimes bad at transmitting their knowledge. To provide you with the best in e-learning, 360Crossmedia launches an easy, versatile and efficient training platform.  

Our system

Over the last few years, we have developed our expertise to create training courses that are quick and easy to access. With this method, we can train you on a multitude of subjects easily, in less than 3 hours. We analyze a technical subject, we break it down into several simple modules and we make a series of videos and an explanatory PowerPoint. These two formats allow you to effectively memorize the key points and to understand the subject at a professional level.

"We can train you on a multitude of subjects easily, in less than 3 hours."

1 solution, 3 formats

First of all, the on-site training. One of our experts comes directly to your company to train your team on the chosen module in less than 3 hours. Then, for more convenience, you can opt for training directly on Zoom. Finally, we have an online platform to access our modules from anywhere in the world. You can view our training videos, take our evaluation questionnaires and even receive a certification, in order to boost your profile. This way, you can follow the training at your own pace, without fear of missing important information.

Your own Training Interface

The flexibility of our platform allows for the creation of your own interface if you wish to share your training to your colleagues or sell it to your clients. The tool adapts to any company, with complete customization and precise monitoring of KPIs. Whether it's video training, PPTs, books or even courses on Zoom, you can publish everything on the platform to create the most complete training platform possible.


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