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Print: Offset vs digital

There are two main ways to print a magazine or a document.

1. The offset technique works with “layers” of colors. For 4 color printing, you will hear about CMYK. (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black)) For each color, you need to create a plate, which will allow the transfer of each ink on the document. “Offset” means that the ink does not go directly on the paper.

In short, offset generates important costs for the first copies. After that, you only pay for ink and paper.

2. Digital printing is similar to what your home printer does. You enter a file and the machine prints. This technology is less qualitative than the offset technique but huge progress have been made in recent years.

In short, digital printing is great for small quantities, but its pricing structure is linear, so you need to identify the quantity where offset becomes more interesting.

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