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Solving the speed/quality/price conundrum

It is funny how old agencies remind us all the time on Linkedin that Fast + Low cost = Bad (Have they ever heard of IKEA?) or Fast + Quality + low cost = Impossible. (Have a look at “Bullet Chess” videos)

That was surely true in the past. It is no longer the case today. Talent is now a commodity that many people enjoy and anyone can access professional tools and softwares for a few euros. Is this the end of agencies? Absolutely not, but the end is near for old fashion, slow, uninspired, expensive agencies. The market is booming for dynamic players and innovative solutions! Keep in mind the the market of luxury watches boomed when low cost Japanese watches invaded the world in the eighties! Clients today want to be involved, they want things done fast, for a fair budget without any compromise on quality. So be it!

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