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SuisseTechPartners was founded by a highly successful businesswoman - she founded Multifonds - with the intention to bring a whole new tech to the financial industry.


  • Extremely busy teams, around the world

  • Need for quick, efficient meetings and delivery

  • Strong enphasis on trust and KPIs


We opted for a 1 day workshop in Geneva to set a clear plan, followed by deliveries in rapid succession.

A critical aspect was to separate the company 'SuisseTechPartners' from its flagship product 'PM-Plus', in a clear way.

"I have already taken a company from scratch to the global level, so I know what to do and what not to do"

Van Ta

CEO, Suisse Tech Partners 


1. Two new logos in two hours

STP Logo
PM Plus logo
Creating a strong identity with 2 related logos was the first step of the strategy.
- Get the benefits of the "SuisseTechPartners" brand (Previously known as STP)
- Boost the already 'famous' PM-PLUS brand
- Improve SEO and traffic across the group

2. Two new websites in 2 weeks

STP website
PMPlus website
Creating two new websites in Wix allowed the company to align its DNA with its communication.
- Updates possible in seconds
- Modern layout
- Strong focus on prime content (articles, video,...)

3. A corporate video in 3 days (Script in 40 minutes)!

This video was establish a unique selling proposition of PM-Plus: it was coded from scratch in the cloud ear (while competitors upgrade old technology and call it "Cloud enabled")
- Great video for the PM-Plus website
- Very useful at the beginning of a sales pitch or at conference
- Great branding tool in general
P.s: the scripting session was planned to last 3 hours. The STP team was inspired and hacked it in 40 minutes! Congratulations.

4. A brochure in 3 hours

PMPlus brochure
The brochure - printed and digital - is critical for IT companies who tend to go too much into details in the commercial process.
- Clear presentation of the clients' benefits
- Attractive layout
- Visual explanation of the system and its key features

5. A 12 months strategic planning 

Planning events
In a busy company like SuisseTechPartners, a clear strategy is the only way forward.
It includes: a short audit, a planning, a budget, an event governance, a press list and Kpis
- The whole company can access a common plan online (password protected)
- Most of the tasks can be outsourced to 360Crossmedia
- KPIs do the talking

6. A Linkedin governance in 3 hours

Masterclass Linkedin
For a Tech company, Linkedin is clearly a media of choice. 360Crossmedia empowered the company with a clear Linkedin governance created in 3 hours
-  Each employee can take part
- Possibly to raise an army of supporters
- Great branding, business development and recruitment tool

7. A strong PR Campaign

360 has been producing photos, texts and videos in short successions in order to boost the print and online presence of the firm. 
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