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Mediakit 2024

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Empowering Decision Makers
with high impact reports

Introduction and skills

As an expert in marketing and data analysis, I help decision makers access prime information that help them take informed decisions for their companies. My expertise isn't just in crafting messages, but in turning them into actionable insights. 


Motivation and Collaboration

Driven by a relentless pursuit for solutions, I thrive in collaborative environments. My approach goes beyond teamwork; it's about elevating ideas and integrating diverse perspectives. 


Approach and Impact

I bring a unique energy to every project, combining analytical rigor with creative storytelling. This will empower your collaborators with inspiring content.


John Petit

2024 Reports

  • March: in debt look into the start-up scene

  • June: financial litteracy in Luxembourg

  • November: Sustainability or the Luxembourg economy

Example of digital conference (for online viewers)

Example of remote interview



Linkedin: 7+ million views


Digital and paper distribution of the white paper.

120.000 emails


Example of an advertising page



Technical elements:



Cover: 300g

Inside pages: 150g


Deadline to submit content: 20 days prior to printing

Send by email (max 20MB):

For document larger than 20 MB you can use: wetransfer, Dropbox, a FTP address or send files on a USB


Accepted files:

Indesign - Photoshop - Illustrator - Acrobat


PDF, TIFF and EPS: High resolution - 300 dpi, print quality CMJN



Page format:

200 x 280mm + 5mm bleed



Saves images:

TIFF / EPS Mac 8 bits in CMNJ



Texts submitted: 

Texts size: 

- Articles: 450 - 900 words: with a catchy title, a short intro and 3 headlined paragraphs

- Articles: 450 - 600 words: with a catchy title, a short intro and 3-4 questions/answers


 FORMAT 190x270mm + 5mm bleed all around.

Ads specifications:

Communication Proposals

We specialize in « story branding ».


To us, a good article is more effective than an ad.


We provide talented photographers and journalists who deliver your message in a powerful way, therefore accelerating your return on investment.


All contents are delivered rights free. You can use our pictures and texts on your website, brochure, press releases…


Price List

Send your orders here

Deadline for confirmation: 

Start-up report: February 15th


All prices excluding VAT

​​ Video interview + transcription + distribution

  • L: 2 pages Article with interview & photoshoot: 3.5k€

  • XL: 4 pages Article with interview & photoshoot: 5k€​​


  • S: 1 page Ad: 3k€

  • M: Inside cover Ad: 4k€

  • L: Double page Ad: 5k€

  • XL: Back cover Ad: 5k€


Together with our partner, 360Crossmedia, I can produce a white paper for your own company, in 1 day, in your company including.

- An interview

- A video recording of your interview

- 2 pages in the the magazine "Treasurer"

- The delivery of a white paper: Download here an example.

- The distribution to all ATEL members and friends (5k contacts)

- A digital push on Linkedin 

Price: 7,5k€


- 10 questions sent to a minimum of 150 professionals

- Preparation of the Market Survey (12 pages)

- Video recording of a wrap-up of the Market Survey

- The distribution of the market survey

Price: 7,5k€


- We invites 6-8 decision makers around a specific theme

- François Masquelier leads the  conversation

- The outcome is published in a 6 page "Thought Leadership" feature with 10 photos and 

the transcription of the discussion

- Lunch included

Price: 7,5k€ including your logo and a full page ad.

General Conditions of Sale



  1. The general conditions below are the only ones applicable to all contracts where BGS Crossmedia Sarl is acting as the vendor, unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing by BGS Crossmedia Sarl. Therefore by agreeing to enter into a contract with BGS Crossmedia Sarl, the client is expressly agreeing to comply with these conditions and undertakes not to use its own or any other conditions, whether general or particular, printed or otherwise, unless they have been agreed in writing by BGS Crossmedia Sarl.




  1. Prices are always stated excluding VAT, unless stated otherwise.

  2. The prices and terms in quotes are not binding on the vendor. Any order is only binding on the vendor after the latter has confirmed it in writing. Sending the invoice may replace the vendor’s written acceptance.

  3. Any quote shall only be valid for one month, unless specified otherwise by the vendor.




  1. Upon placing an order, the purchaser shall make a payment on account of 50%. A small payment merely constitutes a temporary tolerance and in no way changes the duty to make a payment on account of 50%.

  2. Our invoices are payable within eight days. Any invoice not settled on the agreed due date shall automatically incur delay interest at a rate three points above the statutory rate, from the due date until payment in full. Any delay in payment shall result in the cancellation of any agreed reductions.

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