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Working with a very successful law firm implies solving a complex equation:


  • No compromise on top quality

  • Limited amount of time available

  • Strong attention on details


Our design sprint approach proved to be a perfect fit.

"We created 'Arendter' in 3 hours."

Guy Harles

Chairman, Arendt 


1. An external magazine in 3 hours

Arendter 4
The Arendter was created in 3 hours by gathering a graphic designer, an artistic director and 6 legal experts in the room. All interviews were done using our questionnaires.
- Only 3 hours invested
- The law firm had full control on all critical decisions: title, topics, questions
- Brand boost across the law firm's network

2. Videos

Arendt video
Over the years, we have sent video crews on a regular basis to cover events and specific topics.
- A method to get things done fast while managing all the classic risks
- Videos enrich web and print content
- Perfect for social media and the companies website

3. Events

Arendt event
360Crossmedia organized several events for Arendt.
- Direct delivery of key messages to a targeted audience
- Great PR operation
- The budget can be shared with co-sponsors

4. The 360Box

360Crossmedia invented and built a 360-Box for Arendt. 
- They produce their own videos in total autonomy
- Great internal and external marketing tool
- Great way to promote a culture of full ownership

5. A strong PR Campaign

360 has been producing photos, texts and videos for Arendt for years. They are all rightsfree, so that they can be sent to the send, published on social networks or on any other internal or external channel. 
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