When we started working with IQEQ, it was called SGG and employed 180 people. Now, it is 3.600.


  • The CEO always pushed an entrepreneurial culture 

  • Focus on Value for money

  • Measurable performance required


We love challenging CEOs like Serge Krancenblum. We kept proposing high impact, innovative solutions.

Many were refused and many were implemented with success and improved communication, sales and HR performances.

"Whenever I need a disruptive solution, I turn to 360Crossmedia"

Serge Krancenblum



1. An internal magazine in 3 hours, for free

Trust magazine was created in 3 hours and financed by 5 ads sold to providers
- Better information of colleagues
- Recruitment tool
- Creative project for people involved

2. An external magazine in 1 day

Special editions of Trust were created for international events, by inviting business partners to contribute with articles and ads
- Creating of IQ-EQ ambassadors
- High traffic on IQ-EQ's booth
- Strong communication on and offline
- Co-financing of the project

3. An international conference

IQEQ crossroads
360Crossmedia invented and organised the IQEQCrossroads conference in Luxembourg and London
- Powerful branding tool
- Thought leadership platform
- Great PR operation
- The budget is shared with co-sponsors

4. An HR on boarding accelerator in 3 hours

This document was created to accelerate the integration of new colleagues
- Very clear roadmap to success
- Critical information are learnt from day#1
- Gamification of the onboarding process

5. An HR Pitch Deck in 3 hours

The Pitch Deck reduces the risk of missing great candidates, regardless of who is doing the interview.
- Very clear recruitment process (5 steps)
- Interview structure
- KPIs

6. A benefits brochure in 3 hours

The Benefits brochure is designed for recruitment fairs, where competition is fierce.  
- Great branding tool
- Attractive presentation of all benefits
- Interview generator! 

7. An HR video in 2 hours

This video was both an internal and external culture boost 
- Efficient way to share the company's values
- Participative project
- High intensity project (2 hours only)

8. A strategic sales and marketing planning

This document streamlines all sales and marketing efforts, all year long
- Simple, efficient tool
- Visual plannings included
- Governance and KPI monitor

9. A WebTV in 3 hours

This webTV generates  an internal and external branding boost while landing key messaging on a regular basis.
- High impact opening sequence
- 90 seconds maximum
- Each additional video is produced in 1 hour 

10. A strong PR Campaign

360 has been producing photos, texts and videos for IQ-EQ for more than 9 years. They are all rightsfree, so that they can be sent to the send, published on social networks or on any other internal or external channel. 
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