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How we do it

in 3 easy steps!










(by 360 or not)


Critical factors:

- Location & Concept

- Providers

- Timing

For these events, we normally act as consultants (300€/hour). We sometimes organise the event.(Assistance 100€/hour, Talents 200€/hour)

General Assembly

Critical factors:

- Location & experience

- Providers

- Media coverage (Photos/videos/press release)

These events are easier to organise. We normally offer a package including all options, à la carte. 


Critical factors:

- Location

- Experience

- Media coverage

Most of the time, we co-organize these conferences with the client. It is a great way to get things done perfectly, for a very reasonable price.

Product Launch


Critical factors:

- Creative concept

- Experience

- Media coverage

Over the years, we have been recognized for highly creative concepts. Just Challenge us with a brief.

Short event


Critical factors:

- Networking

- Short, high impact content

- Media coverage

CEO Lunch, Les Vendanges, Ladies diamonds, ICT Breakfast... Short events are in sync with today's world. People want to network and get insights, but they are lacking time. 

Road shows


Critical factors:

- Creative concept

- Experience

- Coordination

The Backlight Tour in France (63 dates), The Decision Makers Tour in Asia (15 dates), IQEQCrossroads (2 editions). Roadshows duplicate a creative structure and reaches millions of people. 

Golf events

Critical factors:

- Experience for players, beginners and non-players

- Content

- Location

Our CEO is a Golf Pro. Over the years we have organized hundreds of golf events, with and without content.

Other golf animations

We own 5 golf simulators, a Backlight Show, and have created many concepts including the "Golf means Business" book, the Evian Golf Zone, the Heineken experience, The Lexus Hole in One, The Renault trajectory, etc...

Booth animations

Photo booth

Critical factors:

- Original experience

- Connecting with visitors

- Collecting qualified contacts

We offer a wide range of animations - Photo booth, video booth, market survey, Golf simulator, magician, a magazine in 1 day,...- but always insist on getting the client's team involved in order to generate leads and deals.

"Event organisation is about creativity and risk management: 2 qualities that the same company rarely combines. We do!"

Jerome Bloch

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