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The 360Crossmedia culture

Christian Bau

(c) Christian Bau

In short: we are inspired by 3 star restaurants where passionate and talented people work together to produce mind boggling experiences for sophisticated clients*

* we have visited twenty-six 3 star Michelin restaurants so far in order to learn from them. My favorite is Christian Bau, 30kms from Luxembourg City. Read the latest review here.


We are entrepreneurs, challengers and competitors.



We empower companies of all sizes with disruptive solutions*, sold disruptively.



- Full transparency

- No bullshit ownership

- Pride

This is our benchmark



#1: Corporate culture

It is not negotiable (but we can improve it together)

#2: Long term

We are only focused on long term perspectives.

#3: Mindset

We are problem solvers. The more difficult the problem, the better.

#4: Respect the rules

Just like high level cooks, we function like an army with a high level of discipline, daily routines and engagement.

"It is all about passion"

#5: Break the rules

As a big fan of the book "Zero to One", I encourage my teammates to break the rules in order to invent disruptive solutions that delight our clients.

#6: Automation

We love technology and automate many tasks with cutting edge systems. Humans at 360 focus on tasks where they truly add value.

#7: Protect the team

We accept hard work, but fight unnecessary stress: a positive attitude is mandatory. (for employees and clients)

#8: Work life balance

We work hard during office hours, but working overtime is a bad indicator. A beer together is more productive. This said, we all have a strong ownership and get things done after hours whenever necessary. Most of the time, it takes 10 minutes.

#9: Operating system

It is detailed in the books "Illusion of Simplicity" that you can download for free on and "No Bullshit".

#10: Proud

We do not stop until we are proud. Check our galleries. Photos, magazines, videos, white papers, e-conferences, innovations... We relentlessly deliver top quality, since 2000 :-)

nb: Why???

What matters is not what we do, it is why we do it!

-->To enjoy the freedom that successful entrepreneurship brings: freedom to invest, to have fun at work, to boost our competence, value and self confidence, to be optimistic about the future, to travel the world, to enjoy life, to build great relationships with amazing clients, to ride the Covid crisis with a 20% growth, etc

Are you ready?
(In such a culture, only creative or ambitious or hard working people thrive...)

1. What are you passionate about? a) Many things.   b) One thing   c) Nothing

2. How self confident are you? a) A lot  b) A little c) Not at all

3. Are you willing (able) to learn fast? a) Yes b) I am slow c) No

4. Do you consider yourself? a) A creative mind b) An outsider c) A rebel

5. How do you react to problems? a) I love solving them b) I work until I solve them c) I hate them

6. How would your friends describe you? a) A great teammate b) An individualist c) A narcissist

7. What is money for you? a) Important b) The reflection of my ability to create value c) A priority

8. How stress resistant are you? a) A lot b) Decent c) Not at all

9. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1= perfect, 10= miserable), how would you rate your competence: a) Anywhere between 3 and 8 b) 2 c) 1

10. Are you a good communicator? a) Yes b) I can improve c) No

11. Last one: what is your superpower?

Good answers: we'll talk about it during your job interview :-)

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