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Over the year, 360Crossmedia has specialised in 'out of the box' concepts. Here are a few examples.

Black Tie Awards

The problem: finance professionals complained that their associations worked in silos. 

The solution: an event allowing all financial associations to meet in the most prestigious location of Luxembourg: Cercle Municipal

More than 30k€ were raised for Charity and a tradition was started.

Backlight show

The problem: a pharmaceutical company wanted to organise an interesting roadshow in France for cardiologists.

The solution: we created a backlight show performed 65 times all over France with more than 20k spectators. The narrative showed how golf professionals achieve performance in the same way than cardiologists.


The problem: clients and companies were complaining about the lack of control of their reputation online.

The solution: MyOfficialStory is a website designed to empower users with a 'golden source' of authorised content.

With more than 50k users and a very strong Google penetration, MyOfficialStory reached 2.2 million unique visitors in 2013. (Thanks to websites like

Les Vendanges

The problem: shops complaining about the loss of traffic in the city centre

The solution: a 2000 square meter red carpet in rue 'Philippe II'. 5000 VIP visitors came to enjoy wine tasting in 23 shops.

More than 100k€ were spent in these shops, this night alone.


The problem: in the context of the 'Clearstream affair', the Luxembourg Government complained about the bad press that their country received.

We published a book with 60 people - famous or not - answering the question: "Why I love Luxembourg'. 

4k books were sold and 1k send for free to journalists and politicians in Paris. Nicolas Sarkozy, French President at the time, sent us a thank you letter.

Lexus Hole in one Challenge

The problem: Lexus was looking for a spectacular way to promote its hybrid cars

We organized a 'hole in one Challenge' in the heart of Luxembourg City. Players and beginners were invited to try and send the ball in the hole located 70 meters away on a 40 meter high tower.

There are 4k golf players in Luxembourg but 15k attended the event over 3 days! Lexus was happy and sold many cars in the context of this operation.

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