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Scaling CFO conversations
& Sharing best practices

This year ATEL is organising 6 conferences and publishes 2 editions of its "Treasurer" magazine. We reach 9.000 people though our newsletters and 21.000+ on my Linkedin account.


After many discussions with CFOs, ATEL came to conclusion that it could successfully provide a platform for CFOs with a very specific approach addressing the exact needs of the profession.

I hope that you will join this initiative!

Best regards

François Masquelier


The CFO Circle in short

Following our conversations with Financial Directors, we will structure the CFO Circle around two "zones":

The red zone 

It will provide a private sphere where CFOs can exchange without any risk or pressure

- A Whatsapp group with strict rules

- A private directory where each CFO indicates on which topics he/she would agree to provide feedback and through which channel(s) he/she would like to be contacted

- A possible "CFO Grove" where CFOs meet ½ day or 1 day with peers (Under Chatham House Rules)

The green zone


- A powerful publication of CFO articles, videos, white papers on topics selected by members

- Short Public events along the lines of where content is accessible online and CFOs only meet for Q&A and drinks 

- A possible book publication with the best content at the end of the year to lobby politicians and decision makers


- Summer cocktail: House 17 Top floor. June 28th

- CFO grove: Golf club grand ducal 1 Route de Trèves 2633 Niederanven. Thursday 21st September.

A ½ day thought leadership under Chatham House Rules.

- CFO Drink: Docler 44 Av. John F. Kennedy, 1855 Neudorf-Weimershof Luxembourg. Thursday 19th October.

A evening thought leadership under Chatham House Rules.
Click here to sign up. It is free!

- CFO circle session: end of october.

Release of insightful content + networking event


- CFO circle: @Finance Tech Day. November 30th.

Release of insightful content + networking event 

- Release of a CFO book by May 2024 to close Season #1.


+ peer group lunches / breakfasts / afterworks


How to join?

Just fill the form below:

- You have nothing to pay


Thank you for joining the CFO Circle!

I want to join the CFO Circle

(It is free of charge)

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