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BANK: BNP Paribas


We've been working with BNP Paribas for 20 years, helping them adapt to a fast changing world. 



Given the organisation of a Bank, we have simply focused on being a trusted partner.

- Answering requests within minutes, not hours

- Proposing innovating solutions

"My role as a leader is to ensure we always stay true to our DNA "

Robert Van Kerkhove

CEO, BNP Paribas Securities Services 


1. An app designed in 3 hours

BNP Whatsmap
WhatsMap has been created to create a global understanding of procedures.
- Designed in 3 hours
- Allows colleagues from different departments to understand how their work influences other teams
- Promotes a strong culture of innovation

2. A social media day

The Social Media day allows employees to understand the power of social network for their personal brand and for their employer.
- Creating an army of ambassadors
- Boosting the company's communication
- Managing Social Media risks

3. A public speaking workshop

lab public speaking.png
360Crossmedia has delivered a public speaking module.
- Training accessible by all employees on
- Improves meetings, town halls, etc...
- Great teambuilding exercise

4. An HR "Well being"booklet

BP2S Have a nice day
This document was created to promote well being in the company
- Includes drills
- Tool to monitor progress
- Gamification of a healthy culture 

5. An HR initiative in 3 hours

BP2S Drive your career
Drive your career was created to facilitate the promotion of employees who felt that they deserved it (and could prove it!)
- Very innovative HR approach
- Done in 3 hours
- Validated by the executive committee

6. A corporate video

BP2S Video
The Benefits brochure is designed for recruitment fairs, where competition is fierce.  
- Great branding tool
- Attractive presentation of all benefits
- Interview generator! 

7. An HR video in 2 hours

This video was both an internal and external culture boost 
- Efficient way to share the company's values
- Participative project
- High intensity project (2 hours only)

8. Regular videos

These videos generates  an internal and external branding boost while landing key messaging on a regular basis.
- High impact opening sequence
- 90 seconds maximum
- Strong message and team building

9. A strong PR Campaign

360 has been producing photos, texts and videos for IQ-EQ for more than 9 years. They are all rightsfree, so that they can be sent to the send, published on social networks or on any other internal or external channel. 
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