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Association: ATEL


ATEL is the Association of Corporate Treasurers in Luxembourg. When we started working with them:


  • 2 volunteers - the Chairman and a colleague - were doing all the work, night and days 

  • Many events were organised with various results

  • Finding sponsors was difficult


We proposed the following plan:

- Empower the association with state of the art technology and communication

- Professionalizing the magazine (Aspect, content, distribution)

- Reducing the number of events, but making sure that they all create huge value

"360Crossmedia allowed our association to become a reference in Treasury, all over Europe"

Francois Masquelier

Chairman, ATEL

CEO, Simply Treasury 


1. A new website in 3 hours

ATEL Website
The old website took hours to update so we replaced it!
- Very easy to update
- Less expensive 
- Responsive on all kinds of devices

2. A rebranded magazine

ATEL Treasurer 25 years
We rebranded the magazine and started selling articles and ads together with events
- Very attractive proposition for partners
- Tripling revenues in 12 months
- More budget to make each event a success

3. Four great conferences per year

Each conference now has strict standards at all levels: programme, technical equipment, PR.
- The audience jumped from 60 to 150 in average
- Partners validated the model by sponsoring
- The brand of ATEL became very strong in the press and online

4. A VIDEO Website

ATEL myTreasuryTV
This website is dedicated to video produced by ATEL, members, partners and opinion leaders.
- Strong web presence
- Social media boost
- Prime content generation in a very simple way

5. An new brochure is 3 hours

ATEL Brochure
This brochure is designed to present the association and generate new members
- Done in 3 hours
- Clear presentation of membership benefits
- Very useful  tool to find sponsors

6. White papers in 3 hours

ATEL White paper
White papers provide great insights to members while offering sponsors a nice opportunity.
- Produced in 3 hours
- Thought leadership tool
- Increases the association's visibility internationally

7. A digital members' directory

ATEL Directory
Switching from a paper directory to a digital one saves paper and allows for better data
- Accessible 24/7 by members
- Members data is better protected
- Attractive proposition for non members

8. Training

Profits were reinvested in training for members.
- 3-hour workshops
- Interactive Digital wrap-up for all members
- 50 topics to choose from

9. Outsourcing

ATEL outsources several tasks to 360Crossmedia. (5 hours per month)
- Cost efficient approach
- Allows the Chairman to focus on high added-value missions
- Ensures a professional communication

10. A strong PR Campaign

360 has been producing photos, texts and videos for ATEL than 5 years. They are all rightsfree, so that they can be used in "Treasurer magazine", sent to the press, published on social networks or on any other internal or external channel. 
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