An interview from A to Z in 2h16 hours.

Mission: Interview Denise Voss from Franklin Templeton is less than 3 hours.

Crew: 5 (1 journalist, 1 photographer, 1 editor, 1 proof reader, 1 graphic designer).


Denise Voss was intervieweded from 4.30pm to 4.55pm.
The text was cleaned by the journalist immediately (1st check)  and sent at 5.10pm to an editor based in London (2nd check) who sent it back at 5.20pm. The text and layout were reviewed in Luxembourg (3rd check) and sent back to Mrs Voss for validation, which she gave at 6.46pm.
The photos were edited immediately by the photographer at 4.55pm and sent to our studio based in Luxembourg who prepared the design.
See the article.

An animation in 2 business days

Mission: produce an animation for a conference.

Crew: 6 (4 people for the lab, 1 movie genius, 1 actor).

The scenario was hacked in 3 hours on friday morning and reviewed after lunch. The movie maker called us on Skype to review the scenario in details and discuss possible ways to illustrate each part. He send the text in New York for recording and worked all weekend on the video.

The video was delivered Sunday at 7pm. Changes were put in common on Monday at 8.30am and sent to him. He delivered a perfect clip at 2pm.

 See the video

A book about "Decision Makers in Asia" in 2 weeks

Mission: interview top decision makers in Asia and publish a book

Crew: 10 (1 project manager, 1 graphic designer, 1 editor, 7 photographers in 6 countries)

The interviews and pictures were done in 2 steps. First we bought a booth at Fund Forum Asia in Hong Kong. And then we joined the road show of our client in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

The texts where edited by our editor
The photos were edited by each photographer 

The book was distributed 7 days after the last photo session.

Key success factor: by sourcing and training local photographers we reduced dramatically the budget and the carbon footprint of the project.

A nation branding video for 6.000€ only

Mission: produce a video to promote Luxembourg with a very small budget

Crew: 6 (1 script writers, 1 project manager, 1 motion designer, 1 video editor, 1 videographer)

Crowdsourcing: We crowdsource many images which were provided by partners and produced with Iphones and GoPros. A strong storyboard and perfect video editing did the rest. 

Key success factor: "Just to say congratulations on your new video. It works really nicely and you pack a lot in!"Gilly Mathieson (ex BBC)

A magazine in 3 hours, for free

Mission: produce a magazine about a successful fruit company, for free

Crew: 7 (4 journalists, 1 project manager, 1 graphic designer, 1 sales person)

The texts and pictures were produced during a 3 hour lab. Before that, ads had be sold to the providers of the company and a graphic designer had created three possible visual identities.

Key success factor: the budget was not used in full, which allowed more value creation, for free.

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