A customized press release

Make life easy for journalists

Get everything on 1 webpage

Save precious time and get free articles

Key features

360Crossmedia has developed a patented system allowing companies to produce their brochure at light speed. 

- Video editing (100/h)

- Design (100€/h)

- Coordination (100€/h)

- Camera/light rental: 250€

Crew rates

- Consulting (300€/h)

- Videographer (200€/h)

- Photographer (200€/h)​

- Scripting (100€/h)

- Interview (100€/h)



You provide: all content

360Crossmedia provides a webpage for your press release (Example: www.pressrelease.lu)

- 1 set of changes included.

Price: 1.500€

Additional hour: 100€




You provide: nothing

360Crossmedia provides:

- a press release

- a photoshooting

 - a webpage for your press release (Example: www.pressrelease.lu)

Price: 2.700€

Additional hour: 100€

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360Crossmedia is a Growth agency serving clients all over Europe out of Luxembourg

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