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The challenges of digitalisation: the video

Being proactive in its digital transformation can be like a fighter's path, as the rates offered by some service providers seem prohibitive. However, solutions do exist. Focus on video production with Patrick Sampaio, Head of Quality at 360Crossmedia.

What are the challenges of digital transformation for companies?

Companies face a contradiction: they are being asked to make a digital shift and change many of their procedures, and at the same time, these changes are sometimes associated with exorbitant costs. Take video, for example, which is my area of expertise. Companies want to produce videos in large quantities to feed their internal and external communication, but face a difficult dilemma: producing internally and getting a poor result (poor quality recordings, sound or light problems). Or use an external service provider, and unbearably increase the cost of each video. The 360BOX responds to these issues by lowering the production price of a video to less than €10.

What is the concept of the 360BOX?

It gives companies the opportunity to make their digital transformation by producing videos daily at a price that represents only a tiny fraction of the usual price. The principle consists in freeing oneself from external service providers, and integrating the production of professional videos internally. No need for a director, cameraman, editor or sound engineer: just plug it into the mains to record with all the professional functions: custom credits, live streaming, key points display, etc. No compromise on quality has been made: all productions are made in HD, with the same components as those used by television channels. A training course allows us to ensure perfect autonomy for our customers. The existence of the 360BOX is based on two ideas: first, to produce more videos to feed social networks and internal and external communication channels. Secondly, to allow dynamic companies with small budgets to access professional video production. Our initial ambition to lower the price to 50€ per video, even seems outdated with the 360Box S model, which reduces it to 10€! The components chosen and the architecture of the box look like an IPhone: just plug the power supply into a 220-volt socket and shooting can begin. Only one person - even a novice - can use it.

"The 360BOX is an innovation for companies

that want to move to digital."

What is the added value for the customer?

The 360BOX makes it possible to make professional videos a consumer good. A commodity as the English say. Only a few large companies can afford to have resources and space permanently mobilized to produce videos. With our 360BOX the cost is so low and the use so simple that all departments can use it: the CEO, Sales, Communication and of course Human Resources. Together, they create internal or external content, interviews and co-learning modules where each skill is shared in one click. They thus enter with both feet into their digital transformation. Finally, the most impressive feature, the "Live Show", makes it possible to film several people located in different parts of the world live and to give the audience the illusion that they are on the same television set. We just need to send a 360BOX per location where the speakers are located. The realization is done by 360Crossmedia for a paltry sum.


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