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Great corporate photos: do's and don'ts

Great photos: do's & don'ts

There are three main things that people get wrong with corporate photographies: 1. Expressions: companies think that working with a professional will guarantee good expression, but most professional photographers are so busy with technical details that they do not 'see' the expression of the people they picture. The solution: get a 'photo director' or just a third person to take care of this. 2. Details: hands, clothes and objects can easily pollute the image and send a wrong message. 3. Copyrights: make sure that you own 100% of copyrights from day 1. I hear horror stories everyday about big companies fighting with photographers about news invoices sent after publishing a picture in a brochure or a website. 360Crossmedia works with 50 photographers per year and never has any problem since things are clarified in the contracts from day 1.

2. Light 3. Copyright

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