No copyrights!


When we started publishing magazines, we realized that traditional copyrights were making things much slower, more expensive and complicated.

Our answer

We understand and respect talents and copyrights.

To reach our goals, we have put 2 things in place:

1. Externally,  we control very strongly all our contributors to prevent any breach of the law.

- Sources must always be indicated

- Using Wikipedia is forbidden

- Plagiat is forbidden in any way (we check new texts by comparing with existing texts online)

2. Internally, we enforce our own copyright rules. Noone is forced to work with us, but those who want to must accept them.

1. People get paid by the job, and all copyrights are transferred when payment is done.

2. All jobs produced for 360Crossmedia and feeding our library of content and templates.

3. If people want to keep a creation for themselves, they need to pay for the services ("Give and take" rule)

Added value

- We produce prime content at the speed of light

- Our users save time and money


Video Larry Lessig: the law is strangling creativity

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