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Unleash your potential with chess (-40%)
Chess is played by millions of people worldwide. At 360 Crossmedia, we promote the power of chess. This is a good way to improve your strategical and technical skills by a playfull way.
Improve your strategical skills
Became a competitor
Unleash all your potential
Our workshops empower companies of all sizes: we have recently organized them at BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Kneip, Vistra, Societe Generale, Backbone, Credit Suisse, Governance.io, Luxfuturelab, ATEL, UBS, LPEA, Clearstream, SGG, Linkslater, Clifford Chance, BIL, TheOffice, Wavestone, mebs, EACT, RTL, Champ, VP Bank, Sogelife, etc... 
Average rating : 4,6/5
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This workshop develops your leadership skills and empowers your team with key messages and processes.
Video recording session
Record many videos in 3 hours for internal and external use. Video coaching included.
Be the publisher
Learn how to produce great articles, posts, photos and videos
At 360Crossmedia, we also use consultants to improve our processes, so we know how you feel. We opt for a "no-bullshit" approach: prices are transparent and results are tangible.
Jérôme Bloch, CEO of 360Crossmedia
Ready to unleash your potential with chess ?
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