Golf means business


Which companies can book this session?

All of them. We run it in international companies, but also in smaller companies and start-ups.


Who can attend this session?

Anyone willing to learn the language and concepts of golf.



How many people can attend?

The session is more interactive in small groups, but it also works with big audiences, on stage. 



What does 360Crossmedia need?

A big room and a good Wifi.


What do people need to prepare?

Nothing. (Questions maybe :-))



How long does it take?

3 hours or 1 day. 



What is the typical follow-up?

Those who want to start learning golf can attend a level 2 session.



What is included in the price?

1 consultant and 1 book per person for the first 10 persons. (Additional books cost 16€)

Do we get a discount if we order multiple labs?

Yes. Companies get 5% discount when ordering 5 labs and 10% when ordering 10 labs.


- Customized books

- Full day working session

- Practical session on a real golf course

- Additional consultant

- Famous golf Pro

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