A 3 hour event consulting session


Which companies can book this session?

All of them. We run it in international companies, but also in smaller companies and start-ups.


For which event doest this apply?

- Corporate events: Recurring event, Company's anniversary, product launch,...

- Conferences: Organizing one or attending one with a booth

- Road show concept



How many people can attend?

All the decision makers for this project should attend.



What does 360Crossmedia need?

A room, a good Wifi, a projector.


What do people need to prepare?

They should bring all their ideas for this event and a retroplanning if they have one.



How long does it take?

3 hours or 1 day. 


When do we receive the booklet?

The e-booklet is delivered within 24 hours maximum. Count 7 days to print the booklet.



What is the typical follow-up?

- Validate the concept

- Book the providers

- Follow the retro planning



What is included in the price?

1 consultant + 1 graphic designer. They will deliver a customised e-booklet.

Do we get a discount if we order multiple labs?

Yes. Companies get 5% discount when ordering 5 labs and 10% when ordering 10 labs.


- Full day working session

- Banner

- Stand design

- Event list

- Additional consultant

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