A customized press release

Make life easy for journalists

Get everything on 1 webpage

Save precious time and get free articles



What do I need to get my press release done?

Depending on the programme you choose, you can come with nothing or everything.



What are the main steps of production?

1. Content preparation, 2. Design, 3. Distribution


Can I take care of specific steps?

Yes. You decide how much you get involved.



How long does it take?

It is all a matter of planning. We can deliver a press release in 3 hours when everything is prepared, with the lab format. 




What happens if I change my mind?

If you change your mind regarding the briefing, just add the options that you need. No worries.




How much does it cost?

You only pay for what you need. Check the pricelist for details.



When should I pay?

We pay our providers immediately which is the secret to our reactivity. This is why we charge upfront. Invoices are payable within 8 days.



Crew rates:

- Consulting (300€/h)

- Videographer (200€/h)

- Photographer (200€/h)​

- Scripting (100€/h)

- Interview (100€/h)

- Video editing (100/h)

- Design (100€/h)

- Coordination (100€/h)

- Camera / light rental: 250€

Key features

360Crossmedia has developed a patented system allowing companies to produce their brochure at light speed. 




You provide: all content

360Crossmedia provides a webpage for your press release (Example: www.pressrelease.lu)

- 1 set of changes included.


Price: 1.500€

Additional hour: 100€





You provide: nothing

360Crossmedia provides:

- a press release

- a photoshooting

 - a webpage for your press release (Example: www.pressrelease.lu)


Price: 2.700€

Additional hour: 100€


- Video presentation: from 1.500€

- Infographics presentation: from 3.000€

- Translation: 120€ / standard press release

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