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Andy - Duke

Marc Hansen (Minister for the Civil Service & Minister Delegate for Digitalisation), Claude Marx (CSSF), Colette Dierick (ING), Christian Heinen (IQ-EQ), Steve Bernat & Pascal Dufour (Carne), Robert van Kerkhoff  (BNP Paribas Securities Services), Jean-Marie Bettinger (Ocorian), David Wicks et Steve David (Northern Trust), Daniel Siepmann, Jaysen Sundrum et Natalie Ebert (Credit Suisse Fund Services Luxembourg), Claus Jørgensen (VP Bank), Claus Mansfeldt (LPEA), François Masquelier (ATEL)…  

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Andy 26 - In french - Distributed to french-speaking CEOs, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, professional associations, BIG4 partners and decision makers in Luxembourg - 2 times a year in June & December

Print: 10.000 copies - Digital: 82.154 unique visitors - 21.400 downloads


Duke 12 - In english - Distributed to english-speaking CEOs, Lawyers, decision makers in Luxembourg + embassies and consulates of Luxembourg all over the world - 2 times a year March & October

Print: 5.000 copies - Digital: 124.876 unique visitors - 39.250 downloads

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