Date: February, 6th 2020 

Location: Cercle Municipal

2 Rue Genistre, 1623 Luxembourg


No nonsense

There are many awards in Luxembourg, but most of them are "pay per play" events full of nonsense.


"Black Tie Financial Awards" event goes back to the basics:

1 - A strong charity dimension

2 - A prestigious location: Cercle Municipal

3 - Straight forward awards: Professional associations elect their "Personality of the year" in total transparency and independence.



Driven by associations


Board of Directors

The event is supervised by a "Board of directors". 1 seat is attributed to the Chairman of each association taking part in the "Black Tie Financial Awards". Together, they make sure that each award is attributed in a fair and transparent manner. (1 or 2 awards per association). They also check that the event is well organised by 360.

Awards governance
Each association participating will elect its "Personality of the year". For example, LAFO will elect the "Family Office Personality of the year". The board of each association will elect the winner of its own award.

It is also possible to elect an "International personality of the year", but only if the winner of the award is attending the event.

So each association has a maximum of 2 awards. (1 national and 1 International)

At the end of the evening, when all "Personalities of the year" have been awarded by the associations, we will ask all participants attending the event to vote for the "Finance Personality of the year".


Giving back

We will collect artwork from artists and items from prestigious brands.

We plan to have an auctioneer run the show during the evening in 4 rounds of 3 items.

The goal is to raise a minimum of 25k€ going to charity.

Charities will be chosen by the Board of Directors.


- Cross-association networking

The vision behind this event is to allow influential financial professionals to network across the whole spectrum: funds, private banking, private equity, compliance, risk, insurance, treasury, legal, etc.

- International lobbying

The International awards is the spectacular setting of "Cercle Municipal" allow each association to reach out to top decision makers, bring them in  the Grand- Duchy and benefit from the international resonance that the event will create.


Keep it simple

BUDGET (200 person basis)

Location de la salle+Foyer+furniture: 15k

Technique: 14k

Decoration: 10k

Animations: 6k

Catering: 30k (150€/pers)

Staff: 4k

Awards: 3k
Keynote speaker: 5k

Misc ( insurances, etc ): 7k

Communication (Invitations, website, branding): 10k

Organisation: 10k

Charity: 5k minimum. Goal: 25k€

Total: 114k€

We rely on 2 sources of revenues:

1. Tables

Tables of 10 persons sold 350€ per person
We are aiming for 20 tables, ie 70k€

2. Sponsors

They will cover the rest of the budget. They get their logo on the general branding but are not associated in any way with the awards (No representation in the jury or on stage)

Associations do not pay anything, but they are required to guarantee 2 tables each. (That they fill with their paying members)


  • 7:00pm: Welcome of participants

  • 8:00pm: Introduction by the chairman of the Board of Directors

  • 8:15pm: Keynote speaker

  • 8.35pm: Charity: auction#1

  • 8:45pm: Starters

  • 9.15pm: Charity: auction#2

  • 9:25pm: Main course

  • 10:00pm: Award ceremony

  • 10:30pm: Desserts, coffee and networking 

  • 10.45pm: Charity: auction#3

  • 11.00pm: Election of Financial personality of the year

  • 12:00pm: End

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