360Radar programme


What is the philosophy behind your approach?

We help companies simplify their organisation and maximise their efficiency by leveraging:

- vision

- know-how

- technology

- governance



Which companies can access this programme ?

All companies can. We often sell it firms growing fast or experiencing changes in their business model.


How is your mission structured?

We start with an audit of the company's processes and define which ones need to be reassessed.

After that, we run several labs and create one unique report which grows as the mission moves forward.


Which topics do you address?

Our mission is divided into 3 main parts:

- Management consulting (See our list of products)
We address issues 1 by 1. (HR, Sales Leadership, social networks, etc...)

- Communication system and report
We help companies put a system in place that works almost by itself thanks to clear processes and a sound governance. It is monitored by KPIs.

- Co-learning programme
This programme allows employees to share best practices on a real time basis. They can script, record and share procedures in their own company.


What do people need to prepare?

People are notified before every working session.



How long does it take?

From 1 week to 1 year depending on the scope and depth of the mission.



How do you calculate the price?

This mission is built on a modular basis. The total price is the sum of the price of each module.




- Paper booklet

- Illusion of simplicity books

- Additional pages

- Journalist

- Photographer

- Videographer

- Travelling fees

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